O T P (part-1)

O T P 1

Hi all..

Hope that all of you are fine.. I'm going to share my story with you. If time permits you're welcome to travel with me for a while. For your kind information I'm not a hero. I'll never follow any ethics or rules. I'll live my life on my own. I won't like advising anyone or being advised by anyone.

I'm hundred percent true to my heart which may not be liked by all. Some pure persons after reading my story may give single stars as they may find very hard to digest my story. I'm least bothered about those junks as I've no time to think about them.

Ok..Shall we start a story?

I'm Shiva from Coimbatore. Twenty seven years old. Not yet married. Parents used to compel me to marry whenever I used to go to my native. Nowadays I didn't prefer to go to my native as I dint want my parents to suffer in advising me.

Why I'm postponing my marriage? You started thinking. Reason is simple.

I love girls. From my childhood onwards I'm attracted towards them. Even without knowing what's sex I used to feel happiness whenever I happened to touch them.

'What a softness!' I used to be spell bound on so many occasions.

In my teenage I started loving girls after knowing something. To attract them I started to qualify myself physically and mentally. Daily I'll run ten kilometres in ground. I'll spend one hour in gym. I got the outcome also. Nowadays outcome based education scheme is there in all colleges. For me the only outcome is taking my preferred girl away and to spend time as my own.

For the past one month I'm seriously trying Anitha. She's extremely gorgeous. I got frozen when I'd happened to look her at my first sight.

What a girl! She's neither slim nor having extra things.. Whatever she's to have she's having the same which made me to dream about her for long. Finally I decided to fulfill my dream.

Anitha was working in a private concern. She's to cross my home when she's to her job. I started my proceedings.

First day I was waiting outside for her arrival. She was late by five minutes on that day which made me to think five hundred times why she's not coming.

Oh my God..Where from I got that much fragrance? Yes.. She's on the way. I just went towards her.

"Good morning"

When I said to her her eyebrows reflected her confusion which made me to delight.

"Good morning..May I know you?" She'd asked me who I was.

"Yes definitely.. I'm Shiva.."


"Could you spare five minutes for me?"

When I asked her it seemed that she's a bit confused but agreed.

"Yes How can I help you?"

"For the last couple of months I didn't go to my native.."


"Today I think I can go to my native.."

When I said to her she was looking at me with the same confusion. She might have thought in her mind why I was explaining all these things to her.

"Sorry Mr.."


"Yes Mr Shiva.."


"I couldn't understand still what you're trying to communicate with me? I'd never met you anywhere..Am I correct?"

"Yes absolutely.."

"Then why…?"

"Let me come to the point.. for the last couple of years my parents compelled me to marry. Whenever they were forcing me I used to say a big 'NO'."


"Reason is very simple. I'd never met a cute personality like you so for in my life. Recently I happened to have your glimpse on one day on which I'd collapsed myself.

Oh My God..I thanked Him on the whole day as I was very happy on that whole day without knowing what had happened to me. After careful analysis I came to know that I got affected by the universal disease which everyone used to get in this age..Yes..I think I'm in love with you.."

When I said to.her Anitha was looking at me angrily.

"You are an educated person Don't you know how to behave with an unknown girl?"

"I expected this from you.." I smiled at her without bothering what she wanted to communicate. She's confused.

"What you're saying?"

"You are highly cultured. You may not like this type of proposal but what I shared with you was my feeling.. It's paining ..Please take in positive sense..If you agree I'll be the luckiest person in this world. Even if you don't accept me please let me know because without knowing your decision if I am continuing like this I will be definitely admitted into mental hospital.. I am not joking… that much pain I am having please..try to understand me.." I changed my voice modulation effectively and efficiently..In the meantime I didn't fail to notice her reaction. She's confused. The initial anger she'd shown on me was not there. She started leaving that place without uttering anything. I expected the same thing. No girl will accept the proposal immediately. Initially the proposer has to get scolded. After sometime girl will think about him and she may regret for the scoldings. When she realise that she'd reacted more she'll start to.be sympathetic with the boy whom she scolded. That's the exact time boy has to react. He'd.not take revenge instead he's to act as if he couldn't concentrate anything. If the girl believes this state she'll have the guilty conscience which may not allow her to sleep for days and she used to think about him on those days. One fine day boy has to try again which will definitely end in success.

Next two days I was silent and I'd ensured that I was not at her sight unknowingly also.

Third day I was standing in bus stop.

I felt that someone was looking at me. Yes..Anitha was looking at me. I tried to go away from that place as per my plan.

"Shiva.." Anitha called me.. I was extremely happy but didn't reveal it outside. I acted as if I was in distress. I looked at her but I was silent which she didn't expect. She came near to me.

"Shiva I want to speak with you.."

To be continued