Students University(part-1)

Students University 1

"Whyt didn't you complete in time?" When professor Raghu was asking this question second time Shiva was not knowing what to say as he had no answer. He continued silence which made the professor's face red due to anger. 

He took his silence as an insult and shouted.

"Get out"

Shiva was pathetically looking at the professor and said softly.

"Sorry sir"

"What sorry?" Professor came near to him.

Entire class students were looking at both happily as they got momentary relief from the hardcore teaching. 

"Dear students.." Raghu looked all the students for a while and continued.

"I am seriously frustrated I have referred so many books for preparing the class. Such my hard work is never getting respected here. I am not happy with you. If you people are behaving like this definitely you will be in trouble You may not be able to clear this paper once if you are having the supplementary. You may not be able to clear this paper till the final semester sometimes you may not be able to complete the course. I am not cursing you but this is the reality in the past." 

Took a deep breath Raghu was silent for a while. 

Raghu looked at Shiva. Latter was pathetically looking at him. Raghu didn't show any mercy. Shiva came out of the class. 

While he was coming out of the class one more faculty was looking at him angrily.

"Where's your ID card?" 

Shiva took his ID card from his pocket. 

"Useless fellow..Wear your ID card first.." 

Shiva put his ID card on his neck. 

He didn't have his breakfast. As late coming got considered as a criminal offence in the college he tried mostly to avoid late coming not because of the punishments but the free advices at the various points which is normally equivalent to attending a very boring class for one hour.

Shiva was hungry. 

'Why don't I go to canteen? If anyone notice me..they may ask what's my hour? Why I'm not in class? What's the reason? And apart from that their first duty is to complaint me to my tutor and he may run to canteen to check my presence. I've to run somewhere in order that I could not be caught by my tutor. My God..Let me better starve than all these funny things.'

He was looking at the yellow flowers on the ground and continued walking. Suddenly he collided with someone. He looked for whom he got collided with. 

Shiva was spell bound. She was saying to him "Sorry ..I didn't notice you.." She was extremely charming Shiva had never seen such a beauty in his life. He tried to say it's ok. But he couldn't. He cursed his fat . By the time he managed himself to talk with her she was away from him heading to her hostel. Shiva smiled at her direction thanking Professor Raghu in his Mind for sending him out.


Raghu went to his cabin. 


"Yes Harini.." 

Harini is her colleague. 

"Today we are having meeting"

"Meeting?" Raghu was frustrated. 

Harini smiled at him.

"Yes sir.."



"How many meetings we have to attend a day?" Raghu's voice consisted both frustration and irritation.

Harini looked at him without replying anything as there was no answer for his question.

"At what time madam?"

"Two o clock"

Raghu checked for time.

Fifteen minutes were therer to get the meeting started.

He opened his lunch box.



"Did you take lunch?"

"Yes sir..Thank you.."

Raghu started taking lunch. Chapati and egg curry was in the box.

While taking lunch he started thinking about his wife Kalpana.



"Pl don't forget to book for gas…"


"We need to get grocery.."



"My God..why you are calling me now and then?" 

When Raghu was asking this question Kalpana eyes were full of tears. 

Immediately Raghu changed his mind.

"Kalpana ."


"I'm sorry.."


"I'm sorry.."

"It's ok.."

"I'm occupied with lot of works..You see the files which I brought today.."


"Thatswhy suddenly I shouted..please don't mind.."

"It's ok Raghu.."

As Kalpana got convinced Raghu was happy to continue his work. 

Kalpana came near to him



"Shall I help you?"

Raghu was looking at Kalpana for a while and smiled at her.

"No.. Kalpana"


"This is junk work. No productive work. Just manipulation. To be frank a fradulent type work.." 

When Raghu was telling this Kalpana smiled at him.



"I'm sorry for you"

Harini came near to Raghu.


"Yes Madam tell me.." 

Harana smiled at him.

"What Sir..? You started dreaming in day also?" When Harini asked this question Raghu smiled at her.

"What's the menu sir?"

"Chappathi and egg curry.."

"Nice sir.."

Within next five minutes both reached the meeting venue.

It's a big centralised air-conditioned hall. 

All faculty members with their ID cards and proper dress code assembled in their seats. In thei last row two seats were vacant. Raghu and Harini went there.

Meeting started. After initial formalities management person I was focusing on the results improvement. Again and again he was repeating the same points. 

"Results are directly linked with admission. If no results no admission. No job for anyone. If you want to survive you have to ensure that your students pass. "

Raghu got bored. He felt sleepy. Controlled yawning as he happened to attend tenth meeting in this month for the same cause without any result in result improvement. 

'When this meeting will be over?' He was looking all. To him it seemed that all were frustrated. Raghu was happy as one frustrated person will feel happy and confident when he or she happens to meet another frustrated person of same kind.

Raghu's mobile was giving a message tone. He was curious to know what was it. In the meantime if he is taking his mobile outside if it gets notified by anyone he will be in trouble. Raghu managed to take his mobile outside.

Message was from Kalpana.

Raghu opened the message, He got delighted by the message as the message was to get a pregnancy test kit.

To be continued