Students University(part-2)

Students University 2

Raghu was happy by seeing the message. He couldn't control his joy. In the meantime he couldn't show his joy explicitly. 

Management person was still continuing. Raghu got irritated. 

'why these people conduct  meetings often and that too also n hours of hours? If they are focusing on the  instructions to be given or the things to be done meeting could be completed within five to ten minutes. Simply wasting everyone's time.' 

Raghu didn't concentrate in the meeting. His mind was full of Kalpana. They're waiting for this moment in years. Last month they'd celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary.

Everyone clapped as the meeting came to an end.

Raghu was happy. Came out of the campus in his two wheeler he was heading towards his home. On the way he a medical shop and got the kit. 

'This time.. everything has to go well' He prayed in his mind. 

Traffic block was there. Raghu got confused. He enquired a standing traffic constable who was in severe frustration and replied him.


Raghu got irritated. 

'This nation also gets spoilef because of unnecessary meetings only. Strictly speaking there is no need of meeting for anything. Even it is election campaign let it be in online. On the day of election everyone of us have to spend some time in in laptop or mobile They could cast their votes via their mobile itself. Is it possible? Absolutely. Biometric attendance is brought everywhere. So online election also will be possible in future.'

"Hello" someone called him. Raghu realised that he was standing in the traffic and signal was green.

He started his bike again 

By the time he was reaching to his home it was about to be dark.

"Kalpana" his voice was with full of joy.

Kalpana came out. She looked at him and latter understood the meaning. Raghu took the pregnancy kit outside and Kalpana got it 



"Tea or Coffee?"

Raghu was not in the mood to reply to her. Kalpana understood his mindset. Even she was also very much eager to know the result as she had to reply all her relations in this issue. 

Kalpana took the kit and  went inside. 

Raghu was waiting. 

In a couple of minutes she came out. From her face Raghu couldn't understand anything. He was looking at her face. 

Kalpana confirmed the good news by her eyes with tears. Raghu couldn't control his joy. He hugged Kalpana and kissed her in her forehead.



"I'm very happy now"


"Let me get sweets.." Said to her he came out of his home without waiting for her reply.

Kalpana understood his feelings.

Suddenly she noticed that Raghu didn't take helmet. She immediately took it and came out. But Raghu had already left. 

In the overbridge while climbing down Raghu noticed one lorry was turning left from the junction. Tensed Raghu tried to stop his bike but he couldn't.


Shiva was longing for her.

'What a character I'm? Am I that much weak? 


He started questioning himself



'Why do you want her again?'

'Dont know '


'What to think?'

'Think about you. Your family. Your responsibility. Your commitment. '


'you should not waste your time in unnecessary things. Once if you loose the time you may not be getting back. You have to utilise time correctly. Student life is a crucial period where everyone will waste their time in trivial things which they cannot understand while wasting their time. Later they will understand that they had wasted their time but no use of that.'



'Yes fully agreed..but..'

'but what?'

'I like her'


'What made you to like her?'

'Dont know'

'You should know..'

'What I should know?'

'Why you like that girl? What made you to like? Whether it is love or lust or simply you are liking? No gents will simply like a gir.l He may be fascinated towords her beauty or character. In your case you may not come in that category as you don't know her name. You got disturbed by her look.'

'Yes absolutely'

'Getting disturbed by opposite genders look is quite natural but wasting too much of time by thinking that is not desirable'

'Ok..What I've to do?'

' Whatever thing you like very much you give least priority to that. Whatever thing you don't like you have to give more priority to that.'

'if I do so..'

' First try for it. '

' Ok'

"Shiva" Mother called him.

"Yes ma coming.." He got up and came out of his room.

"What's time now? I'd prepared lunch very long back. Why you didn't take it sofor?" Vimala asked her son.

"Not feeling hungry ma"


"Don't know ma"

"You've to take your lunch now" 

Shiva smiled at  her mother and nodded his head. 

Next day Shiva was normal. 

Whatever may be the problems irritations or frustrations everything will be solved by a whole night sleep. People who are able to sleep well will handle thet situations even tough situations in a better way.

Shiva completed his maths assignment in early morning itself. 

'Today I've to submit to Raghu sir..' Thinking in his mind he started his bike. Though he got up early and finished.his works in time he couldn't go as per the schedule as he got stuck in traffic block. By the time he reached college only five minutes were left to start the first hour. 

He parked the bike. Took his assignment and rushed towards the classroom. 

"Shiva.." someone called him. Shiva turned that side and couldn't believe his eyes as the girl whom he was longing to have her glimpse was standing there. 

Shiva was extremely happy but he cursed his fate also. Today also he couldn't go to class in time. 

Which is important? 

Class or this girl?

Class.. anytime I could attend. Not an issue. But this girl? I should not miss her 

Shiva decided and went near to her with smile in his face.

To be continued.