Students University(part-3)

Students University 3

Shiva went near to the girl. She was staring at him. Shiva was not able to understand anything from her face.


"Could you help me Shiva?" When she asked that question he was highly confused and looked at her without uttering any word. She continued.

"You have to help me Shiva.."

When she again told him the same thing he asked her softly.



"I don't know who you are. How do you know me? What help you're in need?"

When Shiva asked her she took a deep breath and looked here and there to check anyone was observing them. As no body was there she closed her eyes for a while and continued.

"Shiva let me tell you everything. But not here..First we have to go somewhere. Please " 

Shiva was happy as he was longing for her to go out. In the meanwhile she seemed a bit dangerous to him. Though he warned him he himself neglected his warning.

"Ok.. Nearby one restaurant is there. Shall we go?" Shiva asked her by looking her eyes. She immediately nodded her head. 

Shiva forgot everything. Class Prof Raghu Assignment all were not so important at that moment to him. He took her in his bike and started. 

Within fifteen minutes they reached restaurant which was absolutely free as nobody was there. 

Shiva and that girl were sitting on the chairs  facing each other. 

"What'd you like to have Shiva?"


"I'm hungry Shiva.. Didn't take my breakfast.."

"You pl have it.."

"I need you to join with me.."

"A coffee will do for me"

After taking the order waiter moved away.

Shiva looked at her 

"Can you speak now?"

"Yes Shiva"

"Who are you? How can I help you?"

"I'm Nandhini..lateral entry student.."


"Prakash is your friend. Am I correct?"

When she quoted Prakash something was understood to Shiva.

"Hmm..He went to tour.."

"I know Shiva.."

"You didn't tell me so for .." Before Shiva completed she interrupted him.

"We are lovers for the past three years"

Shiva got disappointed. He was trying hard not to reveal his feelings to her.

She continued without knowing his struggle in his mind.

"I'm having a problem now"

"What problem?" Shiva managed himself.

"My parents fixed my marriage.."


"Yes.. without my consent. "

"Hmm.. What's your plan?"

"I don't know..Spoke with Prakash. He will come here on Monday only"

"Just three days.."

"No Shiva..For me that's a problem.."


"My father is on the way now.."


"To take me. If he takes me with him I couldn't do anything..if I do anything against his wish .." 

Nandhini was afraid.

"What will happen?" Shiva asked her. Her face turned pale and her charming eyes were showing the fear.

"I couldn't imagine anything can happen"


"I never mind whatever happens to me. But I love Prakash very much. My love should not disturb him"

While she was saying  this to Shiva her eyes were about to drop tears.

Shiva understood the situation. 

'Till Prakash comes back Nandini Should not be taken by her father. How it could be possible? Today is Wednesday. Prakash will come on Monday only. Though he declined so many times he was forcibly sent to get the orders by his managing director.'



'it's an unnecessary problem for you. Just leave her'

'but Prakash is my dear friend. After knowing the situation I cannot leave my friend in trouble. '

'ok understood you are a student what you can do? better don't get  involved in this'

Bye haiving various thoughts Shiva looked at Nandini for a while. 

Her both eyes were pathetically looking at him.

Shiva with high confidence said to her.

"I'll take care"


As Raghu couldn't control his bike lorry driver noticed him. Though no time was there to avoid collision lorry driver handled his steering in such a way that lorry didn't collide the bike instead a braking sound of lorry made him tensed so much which made him to stop the bike in the side of road. He got down. 



'Control yourself'

'Dont get excited'


After sometime he started his bike again. He got high quality sweets from adayar anandabhavan.

Raghu reached his home. 

"Kalpana" He called his wife happily.

No response. 

He once again called her. Didn't get any response.

Raghu got tensed. He immediately checked in all rooms. She was not there. 

He was knowing what to do next. 

'Where she'd have gone? ' While coming outside of his home he'd seen Kalpana coming just opposite to him. 



"Where you went? I was searching you everywhere.."

*Sorry Raghu..I went to Ganapathi temple" said Kalpana had given him the offerings. 

Raghu didn't say anything as he understood her feelings. 

'After so many years  and as a result of her continuous prayers she's on the way to be a mother. Let her be happy.' 


Thought himself Raghu smiled at her. 

After taking sweet Kalpana came near to Raghu. 



"Shall I tell you one thing? You have to permit me. you should not say anything against"

When Kalpana told him Shiva was confused.

"What's the matter?"

"Shall we inform this matter to our home?"

When Kalpana asked him Raghu's face changed. He moved away from her without saying anything. Kalpana was upset. She was looking at him for a reply. As he prolonged silence Kalpana went near to him.



"Please Raghu... please consider"


"Tell me"

"Whatever you need except this I will do.."

When Raghu said  this Kalpana took a deep breath. There was existing silence between them which made their happiness to diminish slowly.

They didn't speak with each other till they went to bed. 

Raghu was not feeling sleepy. He secretly looked Kalpana whether she was sleeping or not. She was sleeping like a kid. Raghu covered her with a blanket. Looking her face for a while he smiled. 

'Dear you are still a doll to me. I couldn't stop adoring you till my life end. Could you recollect our first meeting? It's ever memorable' 

Raghu was pleasantly occupied by her thoughts 

To be continued